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What is the war on girls?

The misapplication of capitalism - the commodification of the human body and the devastating consequences thereof.

1. It is the conditioning of girls at a young age for their objectification. Conditioning not for their womanhood, but rather for their abuse- reuse, prostitution and consumption. Conditioning to emphasise and market their body. Conditioning to prevent young women from obtaining the freedom to respect themselves and be respected for who they really are.

2. It is the conditioning of men to believe that physical beauty can ever be obtained in isolation, and that such isolated beauty should be desired under the illusion that it can bring happiness. Commercial proposition resultant in both the physical abuse of young women (including children), and their psychological abuse (disregard for their worth as individuals).

NB warongirls.org does not support the killing of baby girls (we think this is a dangerously inhumane and ineffective approach to solving the problem), but rather is a harm preventative movement. Warongirls.org is geared towards helping society obtain once more the grace and education for respect, while identifying the commercial exploitation of our desires which so cloud our judgement (including the rationalisations of those now hopelessly lost in their chemically addictive fantasy). We do this in order to break our civilisation free from the cycle of manipulation and abuse bestowed on us.

Warongirls.org supports the end of objectification through reason - Subjectify | Philosophy of the Body | The Objectified | The Aborted | War on Objectification | Subjectification | Rehumanisation | Dehumanisation | Commodifiction.

Ultimately, it is the smallest things which count.

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